1. Choosing the right fabric for your box seat cushions

    Choosing the right fabric for your box seat cushions

    Made to measure box seat covers are a great way to update your worn-out seat cushions and give your furniture a brand-new fantastic look. Upholstered cushions can add depth and character to your home and perfectly complement your individual style. To create bespoke cushions that match your needs, this useful guide will help you choose the right cushion covers for your project. 

    Box seat cushions designed to your specifications 

    By adding unique tailor-made cushions to furniture, you can completely customise the look, feel and style of any item of furniture, from home and garden furniture to caravan and campervan seating, boat cushions, commercial furniture and much more. 

    To get the most out of any item of furniture, Foam Superstore’s box seat cushions are specifically designed to meet your individual needs and handcrafted to your specifications about custom size and shape. 

    All-around cushion replacement service 

    We have extensive experience in creating a range of cushions from a variety of different materials. We have an abundance of fabrics and colours to choose from and we can even make our bespoke covers from a fabric you send to us. What’s more, we also offer premium foam cut to size you can use to replace your cushion inners, allowing you to expand the lifespan of your cushions and enjoy greater comfort. 

    Choosing the right fabric for your cushion covers 

    A great place to start when ordering your made to measure cushions is by choosing suitable upholstery fabric for your project and that often depends on what the piece of furniture is and how often it is being used. 

    • Home furniture and accessories
      You can use any of our fabrics for replacement cushions for your sofa, armchairs and any other home furniture. 
    • Garden furniture 
      Our Outdoor fabric range is the perfect choice for seat cushions for garden, patio and any other outdoor furniture. You can also use our upholstery faux leather, but these cushions must be stored away when you don’t use them.
    • Caravans and Campervans 
      All our fabrics, except for the Outdoor fabric range, can be used to make your replacement caravan and campervan cushions. 
    • Boats  
      You can choose any of our fabrics when ordering bespoke box seat cushions for your boat, yacht or cruise ship. 
    • Wheelchairs 
      Our faux leather range is most preferred by our clients for all their wheelchair replacement cushions needs. 

    With over 500 fabrics instore, you’re bound to find the cover that’s right for you at an affordable price and fantastic quality. We have a dedicated team that is more than happy to help with any of your queries and you are welcome to order free fabric samples to help you decide. 

    With Foam Superstore’s tailored approach, you can have cushion inners and covers designed to your exact specification, handmade by our experienced team and delivered straight to your door. Discover more about our box seat covers. 


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  2. Fantastic New Foam Grades from Foam Superstore

    Fantastic New Foam Grades from Foam Superstore

    Due to increasing demand in our services, we have added even more foam grades to our fantastic range to ensure we can meet all your requirements. Whether you are looking to replace your old saggy sofa cushions, or you require foam for your craft project, discover all our foam grades.  

    To help you choose the most suitable grade for your needs, we’ve put together this handy guide to give you more information on our foam grades and their intended uses. 

    Premium Blue Firm Foam (Grade 39) 

    Our Premium Blue Firm Foam is a high-density foam. You can use this foam to replace your old worn-out sofa seat cushions with new very firm cushions. Our Premium Blue Firm Foam would also be a great choice for replacement cushions for boats, caravan and campervans, window seats, dining pads and other upholstery repairs. 

    Luxury Reflex Grey Foam (Grade 40) 

    Our Luxury Reflex Grey Foam is a premium high-density foam. Due to its bounce-back touch, this foam grade is the ideal solution for replacement sofa seat cushions, allowing you to enjoy greater comfort and resistance.  

    Premium Soft Blue Foam (Grade 30)  

    Our Premium Soft Blue Foam is a very soft foam. This foam grade can be used for back sofa cushions and soft mattress toppers. Due to its softness, this foam is not suitable for any seating application.  

    Budget Blue Foam (Grade 33) 

    Our Budget Blue Foam is an affordable high-density foam grade. It’s a very popular firm foam that our customers use to update their dining pads, garden furniture, window seats, caravan seating and for other upholstery repairs. If you require foam for high-use items, choose our Premium Blue Foam instead.  

     6lb Recon Foam   

    Our 6lb Recon Foam is a very firm grade, that we often recommend for hard-wearing seats. Due to its enhanced durability, the 6lb Recon Foam is perfect to use for bar and pub seating, bus seating, church kneelers, gym mats and other hard-wearing commercial furniture.  

    Luxury Reflex Pink Foam   

    Our new Luxury Reflex Pink Foam is a premium high-density soft foam. Due to its softness, the Luxury Reflex Pink Foam is mostly used for replacing fibre-filled and foam-filled sofa back cushions. 

    White Foam  

    Our White Foam is an affordable craft foam. This foam grade is most suitable for crafts projects, upholstery repairs, headboards and so much more. We don’t recommend that you use this grade for updating any seat cushions. 

    Dark Grey Acoustic Foam  

    Our Dark Grey Acoustic Foam is a great way to reduce reverberation, reflections and flutter echoes and soundproof a room. You can use our acoustic foam in studios, home theatres, music rooms, cinemas and any other rooms that require improved acoustics. 

    Memory Foam  

    Our Memory Foam is a premium foam, mostly used for mattresses. A memory foam mattress moulds itself to the contours of your body, providing greater comfort and excellent support. Our memory foam can also be used for mattress toppers, pillows, boat and caravan mattresses, wheelchair cushions and much more. 

    Looking to find out more information about our foam grades and their suitability? Contact our friendly team today to discuss your foam needs.  

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  3. Why choose foam for your sofa cushion refilling?

    Why choose foam for your sofa cushion refilling?

    Did you know that on average we spend around 17 years of our lives sitting on a sofa? You don’t really want to spend most of that time struggling to find a comfortable spot on an old sofa that has become saggy and has lost its original appeal. But before you rush off to spend money on a new expensive sofa, have you considered replacing your sofa cushions? 

    There is no need to replace your whole sofa when the cushions go flat. Sofa cushion refilling offers a cost-effective way to bring comfort, style and life back to your old couch, allowing you to save time and money.  

    You probably spent hours, if not days, visiting furniture shops or searching online for a sofa that not only you like, but one that perfectly matches your home interior. Replacing your sofa seat cushions will save you the time and stress of having to go through that same process once again. 

    Why foam is the best sofa cushions filling? 

    • Feathers 

    Feathers and down have been one the oldest type of sofa cushion filling and a popular choice for people who are looking for super soft furniture pieces. The downside of choosing this form of seat filling is that that cushions often get lumpy over timefeathers don’t usually dry properly if they get wet and they often require a foam core for added firmness. 

    • Polyester 

    Nowadays, many furniture manufacturers choose to fill their settees with polyester fiberfill, because it’s a cheaper material, allowing to cut production costs down. However, these sofa cushions only offer minimal comfort as they quickly begin to lose their shape and sag after regular use. 

    • Foam 

     Foam cushions are becoming more popular than ever, lasting much longer than both feather and fiberfill cushions and they come in a variety of densities. High-resilient density foam has been found to be more resistant to wear and sagging, significantly increasing the lifespan of a couch. Foam eliminates the need to constantly plump the cushions and offers a superior level of comfort and support whilst sitting. 

    Why buy sofa cushion foam from Foam Superstore? 

    A good quality sofa is worth the investment, but the reality is that the quality of sofas today is not what it used to be. Due to the constant demand for cheaper products, the quality has unfortunately suffered from a lot of manufacturers choosing to use cheaper materials. 

    If your sofa is in desperate need of an upgrade, make the smart decision and invest in the Foam Superstore’s sofa seat refill service. With competitive pricing and high-quality foam cut to the exact size of your cushion covers, replacing your sofa seats has never been easier. 

    Keen to learn more? Contact our friendly team today and we’ll be more than happy to answer any of your queries. 

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  4. Made to Measure Box Seats for Unique Pallet Furniture

    Made to Measure Box Seats for Unique Pallet Furniture

    As sustainability continues to be a hot topic, the upcycling trend is now sweeping the nation. Homeowners are looking to brighten up their décor by choosing to upcycle their existing furniture pieces or turning unwanted items into unique new stylish pieces for a fraction of the price of buying new furniture. Pallet furniture with made to measure foam cushions is a prime example of this new home interior design trend, that also allows for total creative flexibility. 

    Why is pallet furniture so popular? 

    Upcycling pallets has grabbed the interest of many people for many different reasons. Some are environmentally conscious and looking for more sustainable ways of living, others have limited budgets and look for cheaper alternatives to help update their décor, and then you have the people who just love DIY ideas and want to showcase their talent and creativity. 

     Why use made to measure foam box seats for your pallet furniture? 

    Upcycling is a great way to make use of old unwanted objects and building a pallet sofa doesn’t require much effortAll you need is to get some old wooden pallets, give them some TLC and cover them with foam cushions to create a stylish new furniture piece, that can be a focal point in your home or your garden.  

    With made to measure box cushions, you can create fully bespoke pallet furniture seats with a custom cover and a choice of foam fillings. You can choose from a great range of foam grades and density and cover fabrics to create pallet cushions that suit your comfort needs. Using our foam cut to size service will ensure your new seat cushions also perfectly fit your pallet furniture to enhance its overall finish. 

     Made to measure box seats from Foam Superstore 

     Placing an order for made to measure box seats with Foam Superstore is an easy process, you can complete in just three simple steps: 

    • First, choose a shape for your pallet seats. 
    • Then, put your required measurements.  
    • And finally, choose your most preferred foam grade 

    If you’re unsure of what’s the most suitable foam grade for your pallet furniture, check out our blog on foam grades and their uses. 

     What else can you use the Foam’s made to measure box seats for? 

    The made to measure box seats from Foam Superstore are a versatile product that can be used for so much more than just pallet furniture. With foam cut to size and shape and custom covers, you can use our bespoke service to update the look of your sofa seat cushions, window seats, garden furniture, boat covers, campervan and wheelchair seating, and much more. Need advice? Don't hesitate to contact one of our team today 

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  5. Five reasons to invest in sofa cushion replacement

    Five reasons to invest in sofa cushion replacement

    Nothing lasts forever, not even your sofa. When your favourite couch becomes saggy, the cushions have started to wear out and they are not as comfortable as they once were, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to throw it out and replace it with a new one.

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  6. How to give your old saggy sofa a second lease of life with sofa cushion replacement

    How to give your old saggy sofa a second lease of life with sofa cushion replacement

    Has your old sofa gone saggy and uncomfortable? Invest in replacement sofa cushions to give your beloved furniture a second lease of life.

    While an average sofa is said to last around seven years, factors like poor quality sofa cushions can seriously shorten the lifespan of the furniture. Constantly sitting in the same spot or lounging for long periods of time can cause the sofa cushions to sink in and lose shape. As a result, your sofa becomes incredibly uncomfortable and hard to get out of. It also loses all of its original aesthetic appeal.

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  7. The Benefits of Working With Foam Superstore as a Trade Customer

    The Benefits of Working With Foam Superstore as a Trade Customer

    With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Foam Superstore offers an incredible range of foam cut to size and quality foam products for a variety of uses and trades. Our trade customers choose us, because we deliver high-quality products, with quick turnaround and courteous customer service.

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  8. How To Measure Sofa Seat Cushions

    How To Measure Sofa Seat Cushions

    Has the dream sofa you bought a few years ago already lost its shape and visual appeal?

    Replacing your cushion foam is the ideal cost-effective solution to give your sofa a second chance. It will bring back its original style and comfort for years to come.
    When substituting your cushion’s old inners with new foam cut to size, it’s important to get the right measurement. This will ensure sofa seats maintain their best shape over time. 
    If you are looking to get replacement foam, here is an easy guide on how to accurately measure your sofa seat cushions to get the best results.

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  9. A Beginner’s Guide to Foam Grades and Their Uses

    A Beginner’s Guide to Foam Grades and Their Uses

    With the wide range of foam products and suppliers out there, it might be tricky to choose the right foam type for your upholstery project, especially if you are not familiar with terms like foam grades and density.

    To make it all easier, we’ve put together a brief guide to foam grades and their intended uses to help you pick the right foam for the job.

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  10. Foam Frequently Asked Questions

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  11. Facebook Competition T&Cs

    We are delighted to be running a Facebook competition where we are giving away a  free sofa cushion refill. The competition is now open and closes on 28 March at 5pm. After the closing date, the winner will be randomly selected and notified through a DM on Facebook. The winners will then need to visit the Foam Superstore office to get their cushions refilled.

    Good Luck!

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  12. A Step-By-Step Guide To Replacing Your Sofa Cushion Foams

    Not only do sagging cushions ruin your sofa’s design; they also make it quite uncomfortable. Replacing your cushion foams is an ideal way to breathe new life into your suite, bringing style and comfort back to your sofa. At Foam Superstore, we offer a handy foam replacement service, substituting your cushion inners with high-density bounce-back foam. This quality filling maintains its shape, offering cost-effectiveness and superior comfort for years to come.

    Wondering how it all works? Here’s a step-by-step guide to our sofa seat replacement service:

    1. Measure your cushions

    In order to provide you with an accurate quote for your sofa seat refill, it’s important that you provide us with the right length, width and depth measurements for your cushions. You also need to remember to add 1" extra to the depth to ensure the cushion is filled out way better. You also need to add a Dacron wadding wrap to help protect the foam and prolong the life of your sofa cushions and a stockinette that will help insert the foam into your cushion covers. 

    Don’t have a tape measure handy? No problem! iPhone users can use the pre-installed “Measure” app to accurately measure their cushion’s dimensions. Google offers a similar app for Android users.

    To measure your cushions, simply open the app, point your camera towards your cushions and select two points to measure the distance in-between. These mobile phone apps are quick and easy to use, meaning you can request an accurate quote for your cushion refills within seconds.

    2. Request a free quote

    Contact Foam Superstore on Facebook messenger, telephone, or via email to place your order. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to arrange drop-off or pick-up.

    3. Arrange a pick-up, or come see us in our store

    Once you’re happy to go ahead, it’s time to send off your cushions for foam replacement. If you live in or around Newcastle Upon Tyne, you can visit our factory to receive 20% off your foam refill, or utilise our handy home pick-up and delivery service – free of charge!

    Are you based outside of North East England? That’s not a problem either. Talk to us about arranging a convenient pick-up and delivery service by courier.

    4. We work our foam magic

    We’ll get to work right away once we’ve received your cushions, re-stuffing the covers with high-quality foam. We aim to complete your order within 2 days of delivery, making ensure that you can start enjoying your refurbished sofa cushions as soon as possible.

    5. Enjoy your cushions

    Once your cushions have been refilled, you can pick them up, or we’ll deliver them straight back to your home. Now, all that’s left to do is place your cushions straight back on your sofa and start enjoying those cosy new cushions!

    At Foam Superstore, we make replacing your sofa seat cushion foams as quick and convenient as possible. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, get in touch with a member of our friendly team, who would be happy to help with your query.

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