Our Foam Recommendations

Here at Foam Superstore, we are often inundated with questions about the types of foam we offer, and which would be best for you and the need you have. We are also often asked on how to measure your seat cushions and foam mattresses in order to send us the exact details we need for bespoke foam products. Check out our handy FAQ section and discover everything you need to know about selecting the correct foam, measuring your foam products, and the foam services we offer:

Recommendation 1 - Foam Grades

How to choose your foam grades for sofa cushion applications: We have 3 main grades suitable for sofa seating applications. Our best seller for sofa cushion replacements is the FS Luxury 40 Reflex, followed by Premium Blue and Reflex Pink foam. 

Recommendation 2 - Headboard Applications

Suitable foam for headboard applications: We would recommend using FS24 White foam for headboard applications. This foam is perfect to keep your project costs down without compromising on quality.

Recommendation 3 - Foam Sample Packs

Foam Superstore strongly recommends using our foam sample pack service to test and try out our foams. This will allow you to try different foam samples and clear any doubts you may have about your chosen foam. We also offer refunds on sample packs when you return them and spend £50 or more. 

Recommendation 4 - Our Customer Service Team

At Foam Superstore we recommend that all our customers take advantage of our dedicated customer service team for questions or queries you might have. The team is committed to providing any support that you might need as efficiently as possible. Our operators can assist with any ordering doubts our queries, and they can generate payment links so customers can make a purchase hassle free.


We would recommend 3 types of foam.

  • (1) FS Premium 39H Blue Firm Foam, a high-density foam, perfect for sofa seats if you are looking for a very firm cushion
  • (2) FS40 Luxury Reflex Grey Foam, a premium high-density foam with high resistance and a bounce-back touch. It is medium feel foam, ideal for sofa seat replacements providing comfort and resistance.
  • (3) FS400 Luxury Reflex Pink Foam – a premium high-density soft foam. This foam grade is a suitable choice for the replacement of sofa seat and back cushions if you prefer a softer option.

(Please note Foam Superstore can only make recommendations for foam grades, however it is as your discretion to select the most applicable foam for you. Foam Superstore will not be liable for any foam grades wrongly selected.)

We are always happy to take a look at any foam shape requirements that may not be visible in our store or on our website. Simply attach an image of drawn sketches/DXF drawings to our email address or via our contact forms and one of our team will be in contact within 1 working day.

Here at Foam Superstore we offer a handy sofa cushion cover collection service.

We require a deposit of £100 for this service. Simply add the product service to the checkout and your order will be processed with a detailed email explaining your next steps for getting your sofa cushions collected.

Simply visit our sofa cushion page to arrange the collection of cushion covers from your home. Once your cushion covers arrive at our store, one of our team members will inspect them, and measure up for the required foam. We will then be in touch to provide you with a quote for your sofa cushion refills.

Please note that all quoted lead times will begin when we receive your confirmation and payment.

If you do not wish to proceed with the sofa cushion refills upon receiving your quote you will be entitled to a full refund. However, please note that delivery fees will be deducted from the £100 deposit paid for the collection of your sofa cushions. This can be up to £25.

If you would like to get a rough quotation before choosing our sofa cushion collection service, we would recommend that you take rough measurements of your sofa cushions first. You can use our automated foam pricing calculator that will give you a typical idea of costs.


Take careful measurements of the space or product you require.


Secondly, enter your measurements in mm, cm or inches.


Next, select a foam type. We supply foam cut to size in five different foam grades, from chip foam to luxury cushion foam.


Afterwards, select any additional products you require. For instance, we recommend using Dacron and a stockinette for sofa cushion refills, as they make it easier to fit the foam into the cushion and can help prevent wear and tear.


Finally, it’s time to place your order. Please post your template to the following address: Foam Superstore Unit 3 Station Road, Walker, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE6 3PN.

Now add your item to cart and checkout. Your order will be processed and delivered within 3-5 working days (foam cut to size orders).

Yes you can, just visit our foam sample pack page and pick the closest applicable use for the foam you require. We will then send you the most suitable foam grades via post. Foam Superstore will refund any sample pack fee when you return it and spends £50 or more.

Yes, we are always happy to assist customers with templates. You’ll need to carefully calculate the required measurements and book your template in via our custom template page. Make sure you measure your item to the longest point on width x length x depth in order to proceed with your order to checkout.

Your template must be drawn with care and precision, providing the exact shape required to be cut. Foam Superstore will not be liable for any incorrect template shapes, as these will be copied directly.

Any templates provided will be checked on arrival at the warehouse.

Please note that all quoted lead times start upon us receiving your templates and payment.

Now send your templates/covers to: Foam Superstore, Unit 3 Station Road, Walker, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE6 3PN

(Please leave a note in the package with your details and your order number.)

Stockinette makes it easier to fit the foam into your cushion and can help prevent wear and tear. We would strongly recommend using this if you are inserting the foam into a cushion cover. We would also recommend stockinette if you have opted for a Dacron wrap. This will help protect and prolong the life of the cushions.

The purpose for Dacron is to enhance the look of your cushions for a more rounder look and to perform as a protector to the foam, prolonging the life.

Made to measure boxed seat cushions are the perfect way to update your home or garden furniture. Our selection of 500 fabrics allows you to fully custom design your cushions to perfectly compliment the rest of your home interior, outdoor furniture or whatever your project may be. Our wide product range of made to measure box seat covers vary in shape, size, and price, with plenty of bespoke fabric box seat cushions available to choose from.

Whether your outdoor seating covers need a spruce up, or your box seat cushion needs to be replaced, Foam Superstore will help you find the best replacement. You can also have your cushions filled with one of our premium foam grades to enjoy greater comfort and expand the lifespan of your cushion.

We offer a quick 15-working day turnaround for all our made to measure box seat covers and we require a MINIMUM ORDER of £100! (Fast-Track option available).

Use Our Made To Measure Box Seat Cushion Covers To Update:

…and more!


We supply all types of foam, in in blocks or custom cut to any shape imaginable. This could be for seating applications, gym mats, NHS beds, giant foam cars, soft-play, theatre props, offshore applications and many more!


We supply everything needed for the upholstery industry including foam, equipment, material, vinyl and sundries.

All our products are made in and dispatched from our factory in Newcastle.

We deliver nationwide using our own vehicles or courier services as appropriate.

Our own fleet of vehicles range from small Lutons to 40ft Artics. We use our own vehicles for most areas in North East England, Scotland and other areas for large orders.

Deliveries with our own vehicles are free.

30 payment terms available on trade accounts. (Initial 5 orders will be on a pro-forma basis and credit checks will be carried out)

(Please note that to qualify for a trade account we require a minimum monthly spend of £1000)

  • Sofa Manufacturers
  • Bedding Manufacturers
  • Upholsters
  • Soft Play Creation Manufacturers
  • Offshore Protection Manufacturers
  • Movie Prop Manufacturers
  • Glass Manufacturers
  • Packaging Companies
  • Sports Equipment Manufacturers
  • Dog Bed Manufacturers
  • Soundproofing Companies
  • Shop Fitters
  • Interior Designers
  • Bus Companies
  • NHS
  • Auto Trimmers

We recommend using our budget foam range when you are occasionally using your seating, for example if you have a window seat that is for decoration rather than frequent use we would recommend the budget foam. In most cases when choosing above 4” (10cm) thick we would strongly recommend looking into using one of our premium foams.

Always remember our handy sample packs can help give you the best feel for the products we offer.

At Foam Superstore we are always committed to re-investing in our cutting technologies. We have recently purchased the WinTech DOZ 500 foam cutting machine. This machine is a computer controlled foam cutter, and once programmed it can cut foam to nearly any 2D or 3D shapes.

This significantly saves on wastage and allows us to keep our prices competitive by automatically cutting as many identical shapes as possible from one piece of foam. This machine is perfect for jobs that involve producing complex shapes or large quantities of identical shapes.

The instructions coming directly from a computer file removes the need to produce a template or hand cut the foam – both points are where error can creep in. The incredibly high speed oscillating blade gives a smooth precise finish.

  • The 3D turntable and twin axes allow for production of 3D shapes.
  • Customers may email us CAD drawing directly in the DXF file format
  • The Digitiser Tablet allows us to trace templates sent by customers.
  • The oscillating blades are only 3mm wide and can turn in place allowing for very fine cuts
  • The centre guide for the blade allows the machine to know exactly where the blade is. This leads to a perfect cut.

All of our foam products meet the requirements of the Furniture & Furnishings Fire Safety Regulations 1998.

If for any reason you make a mistake with bespoke measurements please contact us immediately so we can make any order amendments. We would recommend sending an email with the new sizes required, and call customer services as soon as possible to make us aware of the situation. Please note Foam Superstore will not be able to make order amendments without a written email request.

Please ensure to contact us ASAP should you find you have made a mistake with your order. We usually start production within 2/3 hours of order. If we have started your order, extra costs may occur.

Absolutely, we pride ourselves on our customer service so if you find any issues with your order do not hesitate to contact us.

What are the next steps?

If you receive an incorrect order please email us at info@foamsuperstore.co.uk explaining the problem. If you have been supplied with incorrect measurements, please attach an image displaying the incorrect goods.

All customers must contact us within 7 days of receipt if the items are faulty. Once goods arrive back at the warehouse they will be inspected.

Please note Foam Superstore will only issue refunds on Foam Cut to Size, and Made 2 Measure boxed seat covers if the goods are deemed faulty on Foam Superstore’s behalf.

Foam Superstore will rectify goods where appropriate if we are at fault. Should this not be possible, a refund will be issued along with postage return costs. Please note that the customer is liable for postage return fees until a fault decision has been reached.

Yes we offer fast track services. Simply add your chosen items to the cart and upgrade to fast-track. Any applicable rates will be applied at the checkout.

We also offer Next Day Delivery on pre-cut foam products. Check them out!


You can order up to 10 free fabric samples delivered to your door. It can take 3-5 working days upon placing a fabric sample order. Order your free samples here.


You can visit our density data sheet page here!

It can vary depending on the foam grade selected, typically for a piece 30”x30”x6” (76cmx76cmx15cm) it could vary from £65.00+

We offer a quick 15-day turnaround for all our made to measure box seat covers and we require a MINIMUM ORDER of £65! (Fast-Track option available in cart, contact the sales team for more information).

Foam Superstore would strongly recommend sending in all covers at the same time when opting for the sofa cushion refill collection service. We will stuff all new foam interiors for you in one go, and as each of our employees has a different style of work the results could vary. This will keep your cushions consistent.

Do you still have a question that hasn’t been answered?

If you have any questions that we haven't answered here then give us a call today on 0191 2620769 to discuss your requirements. Likewise, visit our showroom at the address below: 
Unit 3 Station Road, Walker Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 3PN

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