Foam in the Retail Industry

How is foam used in the Retail Industry

Foam is heavily used throughout the retail industry both in-store and for delivery purposes. The structural material that foam is made from has many significant advantages that make it very popular within the retail industry. There are a variety of ways that Foam can be used in retail, such as window displays, general retail displays, jewellery pads and cosmetics stands.

Window Displays

Retailers have a constant need for eye-catching window displays that are vital in encouraging customers into physical stores to purchase their products. Foam can be manipulated and shaped into any shape desired irrespective of size, making it perfect for backdrops and props. It also eliminates ‘blank’ space to make the shopping experience more desirable for the customer.


Foam is commonly used for packaging in the retail industry, offering protection during delivery and also for items in storage in warehouses. This can be more important in some sectors than others, for example the automotive industry and the furniture industry, where extra foam protection is essential.

POS Displays and Cosmetic Stands

The versatility and flexibility of foam make it ideal for POS displays and cosmetic stands. Whether seasonal or promotional, flexible foam can be incorporated into point of sale displays and cosmetic stands in-store to help promote products and promotions in the most visually appealing way possible.

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