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We can provide you with made-to-measure foam seat cushions and mattresses for caravans, campervans and any other motorhome vehicles.

We can tackle any project to help you update the look of your caravan furniture and enjoy enhanced comfort. Thanks to our skilled employees and the latest CNC cutting technology, we can cut foam to any size and custom shape you require. You can select one of our standard foam shapes from the list below, or select “Custom Shape” and send your existing caravan cushion covers or carefully drawn template so we can copy. We also offer an extensive range of foam grades from soft to firm foam, to meet your individual requirements.

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    How to Choose Caravan Foam Cushions:

    Discover the art of personalized comfort with FoamSuperstore’s caravan cushions. Tailor-made for your travel haven, our cushions offer a perfect fit, whether you’re upgrading existing cushions or starting fresh. Choose the right size, ideal density, and explore various foam types to ensure your caravan is your home away from home.

    Why Choose FoamSuperstore for Your Caravan Cushions:

    At FoamSuperstore, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled quality. Our caravan cushions are crafted with precision, using premium materials that guarantee durability and long-lasting support. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer customization options, ensuring your cushions meet your unique preferences and specifications.

    Advantages of Foam Caravan Cushions:

    Experience the luxury of comfort with our foam caravan cushions. Enjoy enhanced support, resilience, and longevity that withstand the rigors of travel. Easy to maintain and surprisingly lightweight, our cushions optimize space while elevating your caravan experience.

    Customization Options for Caravan Cushions:

    Express your personal style with FoamSuperstore’s customization options. Choose from a variety of fabric, design, and shape variations. Add features like waterproofing for extra protection, and take advantage of our personalization services to make your caravan truly yours.

    FoamSuperstore’s Commitment to Quality:

    Rest easy with FoamSuperstore’s commitment to quality. Our caravan cushions are crafted with premium materials, undergo rigorous quality control, and adhere to industry standards. Embrace comfort and sustainability as you travel with our environmentally conscious practices.

    Tips for Maintaining Caravan Cushions:

    Make the most of your investment with our maintenance tips. Learn how to clean and care for your cushions, follow storage guidelines, and discover ways to prolong their lifespan. Troubleshoot common issues with our expert advice to keep your caravan cushions in top-notch condition.


    How do I choose the right size for my caravan cushions?

    Measure the dimensions of your existing cushions or the designated space in your caravan. If you’re starting fresh, consider the available seating area and personal preferences.

    What is the ideal density for caravan cushions?

    The ideal density depends on your comfort preferences. Higher density foams offer firmer support, while lower density foams provide a softer feel. We can help you find the perfect balance based on your preferences.

    Can I customize the fabric of my caravan cushions?

    Absolutely! FoamSuperstore offers a range of fabric options for you to choose from. Explore our selection to find the color and texture that suits your style.

    Are the caravan cushions waterproof?

    Yes, we offer waterproofing options to protect your caravan cushions from spills and moisture. Select this feature during the customization process.

    How do I clean and maintain my caravan cushions?

    Cleaning instructions will depend on the fabric chosen. Generally, we recommend spot cleaning with a mild detergent. Avoid harsh chemicals and refer to our maintenance tips for detailed care instructions.