Made To Measure Mattresses

Reach new levels of comfort with our made to measure mattresses. Foam Superstore offers made to measure mattresses to fit a variety of special-sized spaces, such as caravans, campervans and boats.

Our Made To Measure Mattresses

If you’re having trouble finding the right size mattress for your particular needs we offer a variety of made to measure mattresses created to fit your exact specifications.

Choose A Bespoke Mattress That Is Made To Measure

If you’re looking to update your mattress at home, or even your home away from home – whether you are interested in caravan mattresses, mattresses for bunk beds or even a campervan or boat, Foam Superstore can help you find the perfect custom size mattress to fit.

With our custom size foam mattresses, you are able to select the length, width, and depth of the mattress you need, and we will create it to fit your exact dimensions.

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Why Do We Get Memory Foam Mattresses Made To Measure?

Over time mattresses can become lumpy and worn, which leads to a variety of issues including back problems and restless sleep. If you have an awkwardly shaped bed frame, or an unusual and small space to find a mattress replacement for, our made to measure and custom size mattresses are the solution! We have a luxury memory foam mattress to suit any bed with different mattresses to choose from.


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Do you have questions about our made to measure mattresses?

    Welcome to FoamSuperstore’s Made-to-Measure Mattresses

    At FoamSuperstore, we understand that comfort is not one-size-fits-all. Introducing our exclusive Made-to-Measure Mattresses—a personalized sleep solution designed to match your unique preferences and specifications. Say goodbye to compromise and hello to a perfect night’s sleep tailored just for you.

    Unparalleled Comfort, Unrivaled Quality

    Discover the epitome of comfort with our custom-made mattresses. Crafted from high-quality foam materials, our mattresses offer exceptional support and contouring, ensuring a restful sleep experience like no other.

    Tailored to Perfection

    Our Made-to-Measure Mattresses are precisely crafted to your specifications. Choose the dimensions, firmness, and materials that suit your individual preferences. Whether you’re looking for a snug single mattress or a spacious king-size bed, we’ve got you covered.

    Why Choose a Made-to-Measure Mattress?

    1. Personalized Comfort:

    Experience a mattress designed specifically for your unique body shape and sleep preferences. Say goodbye to generic sleep solutions.

    2. Premium Materials:

    We use only the finest foam materials to ensure durability, longevity, and a luxurious feel. Your made-to-measure mattress is an investment in quality sleep.

    3. Health and Well-being:

    A well-fitted mattress promotes proper spinal alignment, reduces pressure points, and contributes to overall health and well-being. Enjoy the benefits of a mattress tailored to your needs.

    4. Sleep Partner Harmony:

    If you share your bed, our made-to-measure option allows you to combine different firmness levels, ensuring both you and your partner enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

    How It Works

    1. Measurements: Provide us with the exact dimensions you need, whether it’s for a custom-sized bed frame or a unique sleeping arrangement.
    2. Firmness Selection: Choose from a range of firmness options to find the perfect balance for your sleep preferences.
    3. Material Customization: Select the type of foam that suits you best, from memory foam for body-hugging support to latex for a responsive feel.
    4. Delivery to Your Doorstep: Once crafted, your made-to-measure mattress will be delivered directly to your doorstep, ready to transform your sleep experience.

    Customer Testimonials

    “I never thought a mattress could feel this perfect. The made-to-measure option from FoamSuperstore changed the way I sleep.” – Emma T.