DFS Sofa Cushion Replacement

Are you fed up with constantly having to fluff your furniture cushions in an attempt to regain their former shape? Fibre-filled sofa cushions can be an absolute nightmare to look after and they often sink and lose their original shape. But fear not! The good news is that foam replacement cushions are a great affordable way to give your old DFS sofa a brand-new look and restore the comfort of its seats.

Why use foam cushions for your old sofa?

While an average sofa should last between 7 and 15 years, cushions tend to go lumpy and signs of wear and tear tend to appear before then – especially when it's a sofa you use every day. Flat uncomfortable cushions are the first sign it’s time to reupholster your sofa.

You can use foam to refill all brands of sofa cushions including sofas purchased from DFS, Sofology, SCS, Furniture Village and many other furniture retailers. At Foam Superstore, we offer a bespoke service, allowing you to order sofa foam cut to any size and shape at the cheapest prices. Your new foam cushions will not only help increase the lifespan of your furniture, but they will also offer you a superior level of comfort.

A variety of foam grades to choose from

Our replacement foam cushions are available in a variety of foam grades to choose, offering different levels of density and firmness. We recommend that you use either Premium Blue Firm Foam or Luxury Reflex Grey Foam for your seat cushions, and Luxury Reflex Pink Foam or our Premium Blue Soft Foam for your back cushions.

How to order your DFS replacement sofa cushions

To order your replacement sofa cushion, visit our replacement sofa cushions page and follow these few simple steps. Pick a suitable cushion shape and a foam grade and specify your required dimensions. Make sure you also add Dacron Wrap and Stockinette to extend the life of your cushions and make it easier to slide to foam in.

If you have an awkwardly shaped cushion that is too hard to measure, you can mail us your existing covers, or if you are local to Newcastle, you can pop into our showroom and we’ll take of everything for you.

If you require any help, then don’t hesitate to get in touch! Call our friendly team on 0191 2620769 and we’ll be more than happy to assist you with all your sofa cushion replacement queries.