Why choose foam for your sofa cushion refilling?

Did you know that on average we spend around 17 years of our lives sitting on a sofa? You don’t really want to spend most of that time struggling to find a comfortable spot on an old sofa that has become saggy and has lost its original appeal. But before you rush off to spend money on a new expensive sofa, have you considered replacing your sofa cushions? 

There is no need to replace your whole sofa when the cushions go flat. Sofa cushion refilling offers a cost-effective way to bring comfort, style and life back to your old couch, allowing you to save time and money.  

You probably spent hours, if not days, visiting furniture shops or searching online for a sofa that not only you like, but one that perfectly matches your home interior. Replacing your sofa seat cushions will save you the time and stress of having to go through that same process once again. 

Why foam is the best sofa cushions filling? 

  • Feathers 

Feathers and down have been one the oldest type of sofa cushion filling and a popular choice for people who are looking for super soft furniture pieces. The downside of choosing this form of seat filling is that that cushions often get lumpy over timefeathers don’t usually dry properly if they get wet and they often require a foam core for added firmness. 

  • Polyester 

Nowadays, many furniture manufacturers choose to fill their settees with polyester fiberfill, because it’s a cheaper material, allowing to cut production costs down. However, these sofa cushions only offer minimal comfort as they quickly begin to lose their shape and sag after regular use. 

  • Foam 

 Foam cushions are becoming more popular than ever, lasting much longer than both feather and fiberfill cushions and they come in a variety of densities. High-resilient density foam has been found to be more resistant to wear and sagging, significantly increasing the lifespan of a couch. Foam eliminates the need to constantly plump the cushions and offers a superior level of comfort and support whilst sitting. 

Why buy sofa cushion foam from Foam Superstore? 

A good quality sofa is worth the investment, but the reality is that the quality of sofas today is not what it used to be. Due to the constant demand for cheaper products, the quality has unfortunately suffered from a lot of manufacturers choosing to use cheaper materials. 

If your sofa is in desperate need of an upgrade, make the smart decision and invest in the Foam Superstore’s sofa seat refill service. With competitive pricing and high-quality foam cut to the exact size of your cushion covers, replacing your sofa seats has never been easier. 

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