Fantastic New Foam Grades from Foam Superstore

Foam grades

Due to increasing demand in our services, we have added even more foam grades to our fantastic range to ensure we can meet all your requirements. Whether you are looking to replace your old saggy sofa cushions, or you require foam for your craft project, discover all our foam grades.  

To help you choose the most suitable grade for your needs, we’ve put together this handy guide to give you more information on our foam grades and their intended uses. 

Premium Blue Firm Foam (Grade 39) 

Our Premium Blue Firm Foam is a high-density foam. You can use this foam to replace your old wornout sofa seat cushions with new very firm cushions. Our Premium Blue Firm Foam would also be a great choice for replacement cushions for boats, caravan and campervans, window seats, dining pads and other upholstery repairs. 

Luxury Reflex Grey Foam (Grade 40) 

Our Luxury Reflex Grey Foam is a premium high-density foam. Due to its bounce-back touch, this foam grade is the ideal solution for replacement sofa seat cushions, allowing you to enjoy greater comfort and resistance.  

Premium Soft Blue Foam (Grade 30)  

Our Premium Soft Blue Foam is a very soft foam. This foam grade can be used for back sofa cushions and soft mattress toppers. Due to its softness, this foam is not suitable for any seating application.  

Budget Blue Foam (Grade 33) 

Our Budget Blue Foam is an affordable high-density foam grade. It’s a very popular firm foam that our customers use to update their dining pads, garden furniture, window seats, caravan seating and for other upholstery repairs. If you require foam for high-use items, choose our Premium Blue Foam instead.  

 6lb Recon Foam   

Our 6lb Recon Foam is a very firm grade, that we often recommend for hard-wearing seats. Due to its enhanced durability, the 6lb Recon Foam is perfect to use for bar and pub seating, bus seating, church kneelers, gym mats and other hard-wearing commercial furniture.  

Luxury Reflex Pink Foam   

Our new Luxury Reflex Pink Foam is a premium high-density soft foam. Due to its softness, the Luxury Reflex Pink Foam is mostly used for replacing fibre-filled and foam-filled sofa back cushions. 

White Foam  

Our White Foam is an affordable craft foam. This foam grade is most suitable for crafts projects, upholstery repairs, headboards and so much more. We don’t recommend that you use this grade for updating any seat cushions. 

Dark Grey Acoustic Foam  

Our Dark Grey Acoustic Foam is a great way to reduce reverberation, reflections and flutter echoes and soundproof a room. You can use our acoustic foam in studios, home theatres, music rooms, cinemas and any other rooms that require improved acoustics. 

Memory Foam  

Our Memory Foam is a premium foam, mostly used for mattresses. A memory foam mattress moulds itself to the contours of your body, providing greater comfort and excellent support. Our memory foam can also be used for mattress toppers, pillows, boat and caravan mattresses, wheelchair cushions and much more. 

Looking to find out more information about our foam grades and their suitability? Contact our friendly team today to discuss your foam needs.