Foam Wedge Seats Cut To Size

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We cut foam wedges to your specified dimensions.
Simply select a foam grade, enter the measurements and let us handle the rest. If that’s not enough, enjoy free next day delivery, when you place your order before 9 am (orders over £25 only).

Foam grades and suitability:

Unsure What Foam Grade To Use Order Your Sample Pack Here!

FS Budget 33H Blue Foam - The Budget Blue Foam (Grade 33) is our most used high-density foam grade. It is a firm foam, widely used for dining pads, upholstery repairs, garden seating, window seats and caravan seating. For high-use items, please choose the Premium Blue foam instead.

FS Premium 39H Blue Firm Foam - Our Premium Blue Firm Foam (Grade 39) is a high-density foam, perfect for sofa seats if you are looking for a very firm cushion. It is also suitable for many other applications, including upholstery repairs, boat seating, caravan and campervan seating, window seats, dining pads and much more. Grade 39 is a premium version of Grade 33 so will naturally last a lot longer.

FS40 Luxury Reflex Grey Foam - Our Luxury Reflex Grey Foam (Grade 40) is a premium high-density foam with a high resistance and a bounce-back touch. It’s medium feel foam, ideal for sofa seat replacements providing comfort and resistance.

FS 30 Premium Soft Blue Foam - Our Premium Soft Blue Foam (Grade 30) is a very soft foam, which in the upholstery trade is usually used for back cushions and this grade is also used for soft mattress toppers. Not recommended for any seating application!.

FS 6lb Recon Foam - Our 6lb Recon Foam is a very firm grade, used for hard-wearing seats. It’s ideal for bar seating and stools, church kneelers, gym mats and other hard-wearing commercial furniture.

Memory Foam - Our Memory Foam is a high quality foam, used to add extra comfort and support to any mattress. It can also be used for mattress toppers, pillows, wheelchair cushions and much more.

FS400 Luxury Reflex Pink Foam - Our Luxury Reflex Pink Foam is a premium high-density soft foam. This foam grade is a suitable choice for the replacement of sofa back cushions (which are fibre filled or foam filled).

FS24 White Foam - Our White Foam is a budget craft foam, that can be used for crafts projects, upholstery repairs, headboards and much more. Not suitable for sitting on!

Ordering foam cut to size to replace furniture cushion inners?

If you are worried about incorrectly measure your cushion covers, we can arrange collection of your covers for an additional £15. Upon order, please measure your item to the longest point on width x length x depth. Make sure you only apply this option to 1 item, so you're not charged an extra £15 per cushion. 

We cut foam wedge seats to your required dimensions.

Our foam cut to size is a fully bespoke service, so you can choose from a range of grades, from very soft to a super firm high-density foam, offering solutions for all your foam replacement needs.

Our foam wedge seats also comply with all the necessary fire safety requirements and regulations.

How to order foam wedge seats cut to size:

1. Choose a shape

To get started, select your desired foam shape. Not looking for foam wedge seats? Browse our shapes, or submit a custom template.

2. Enter a foam size

Next, submit your required foam measurements in mm, cm or inches.

3. Select a foam type

Choose a suitable foam type. We supply foam in nine grades, so it’s easy to find the one that’s right for your project.

4. Add additional products

Add further products to your cart. Foam Superstore recommends using Dacron and stockinette in sofa cushion refills, as they facilitate foam insertion and can also help prevent wear and tear.

5. Place your order

Finally, it’s time to place your order. Remember to order before 9 am to qualify for free next day delivery.

Do you have any questions? Get in touch with our friendly customer service team today, who will be happy to assist with your query.

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