New WinTech DOZ 500 CNC Cutting Machine

Custom Shape

New Year, New CNC Cutting Machine to Increase Productivity and Keep Our Prices Low

With the festive season behind us, batteries have been refreshed and business is back to usual. And what a better way to start the year, than investing in a WinTech DOZ 500 computer-controlled cutting machine to further improve the service we offer to you. This fantastic new foam cutter will not only increase our productivity, but it will allow us to continue keeping our prices down by saving waste and automatically cutting as many identical shapes as possible from one piece of foam.   

Using computer programming techniques, the WinTech DOZ 500 will allow us to create a product that meets your exact specifications, cutting any 2D shapes and an incredible variety of 3D shapes. 

Ordering bespoke foam products from Foam Superstore has never been easier. You can email us a CAD drawing of the foam shape you require (preferably in the DXF file format) and we’ll take care of everything else. The fact that instructions come directly from a computer file will remove the need to draw a template or hand cut the foam – where errors can potentially creep in.  

The state-of-the-art CNC cutting machine will help expand our service offer.  

  • The 3D turntable with its vertical and horizontal blades will allow us to cut even more complex 3D foam shapes.  
  • The high-speed oscillating blades, that are only 3mm wide, can turn in place allowing for very fine cuts with a smooth precise finish. 
  • The centre guide for the blade allows the machine to know exactly where the blade is, which allows for a perfect cut. 

If you want to see the WinTech DOZ 50, check out the video below:

Need a unique 3D-shaped foam cut to size? Call our friendly team on 0191 2620769 today and we’d be more than happy to help you place your order.