Flame-Retardant Quilted Vinyls for Campervan Seating

Transform Your Campervan Interior with Our New Range of Flame-Retardant Stitch Quilted Vinyls

If you’re looking to update your campervan interior, we have the perfect solution for you. Our new range of flame-retardant stitch quilted vinyls offers a stylish and practical way to enhance your campervan seating.

We stock a variety of stitch quilted vinyls in number patterns, including diamonds and hexagons, that are sure to complement any campervan interior. You can also choose from a range of thread colors to create a unique and personalized look.

One of the best things about these stitch quilted vinyls is that they save time and money. Rather than stitching individual quilts, you can simply trim a seat cover with a quilted panel made from these vinyls. This not only saves time but also reduces the cost of materials and labor.

What sets our stitch quilted vinyls apart is that they are flame retardant. This means that they have been treated to prevent the spread of fire, making them safer for your campervan. You can rest assured that your seating will be protected from potential hazards.

To achieve a polished and impressive finish for your campervan seating, consider using our stitch quilted vinyls. They are easy to work with and offer a professional look that will impress anyone who sees them.


our new range of flame-retardant stitch quilted vinyls is the perfect solution for anyone looking to update their campervan’s interior. With a variety of number patterns and thread colors available, you can create a personalized look that is both stylish and practical. Not to mention, the flame-retardant feature ensures that your campervan is safe and protected from potential hazards. Click Here To Upgrade your campervan seating with our stitch quilted vinyls today!