Foam Products

Foam Superstore offers a range of cut to size foam for a variety of applications. We manufacture high quality foam products including memory foam mattresses, sofa cushions, garden seating cushions, boat seating and more. 

Our Quality Foam Products Are Custom Made

All of our foam products are custom made, meaning they can be cut to any size and shape. We provide a wide range of foam products for customers across the UK, including packaging foam, foam cushions, mattress toppers and so much more! Our quality products are made from the best foam materials and are available in a variety of foam grades, allowing you to select the exact foam to fit your specific needs. Simply follow the simple steps below to order your foam today.

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Made Foam Products?

Having your foam products custom made comes with a range of benefits:

  • The foam is extremely versatile and has many applications
  • Foam designed to fit your items and their specific dimensions
  • More durable than standard foam

Why Choose Our Foam Products?

We are a well established Foam company and one of the leading manufacturers in the Foam industry in the North East and across the UK. We produce high quality foam products that are used by regularly returning customers as well foam products that are suitable for a wide range of industries such as construction, automotive and manufacturing. All foam products are made cut to size, allowing customers to get the exact foam products that they need.

Order Your Custom Made Foam Today!

We try to make our order and delivery service as simple as possible:

  1. Select a shape
  2. Input dimensions
  3. Select a grade of foam
  4. Select Dacron or Stockinette add ons
  5. Add to cart
  6. Complete purchase
  7. Delivery straight to your door!

Delivery for our high quality foam products takes between 3-5 working days.

Looking for advice on made to measure foam? Contact us