Why Spring is the perfect time for boat seating makeover

Is your boat interior in need of a makeover? If so, spring is the perfect time to replace the old seating cushions and foam mattresses, so you can get your boat ready for your next summer sailing adventure.

Whether you have a yacht, a motor cruiser or a sailing boat, your interior makeover project would require you to turn a small space into a multi-functional living space, which is comfortable, as well as visually stunning. Upgrading your boat interior upholstery can make a big difference without costing you a fortune.


Perfect Quality Fitted Boat Interiors

When your existing boat furniture starts to look a little tired, with sagging seats and unsupportive back cushions, why not renew your interior upholstery? Replace the old inners of the cushions, pads, and bolsters used for sitting or sleeping on board with new premium foam filling, which will allow you to enjoy enhanced comfort. There are many kinds of foam to choose from, all with varying densities and resistance to compression. We advise our customers to use softer foam on the backrests, and denser, more resistant foam for their seat cushions.

At Foam Superstore, we offer a fully bespoke service and we can create replacement boat foam cushions and mattresses in any size and shape you require. From standard shapes to more custom unique shapes, we can create a foam infill that’s a perfect fit, using modern CNC automated foam cutters.


Fabrics for boat seating/sleeping

Whether you are revamping the interior of a boat you’ve recently purchased or simply looking to upgrade a boat you’ve owned for a while, it can be quite a challenge to get affordable tailor-made boat cushion covers. Many companies don’t seem to consider that boat seats and mattresses come in all sort of sizes and unique shapes.

Boat cushions should be replaced with an appropriate fabric that can endure the harsher conditions of the outdoors and the ocean and still be comfortable and inviting. At Foam Superstore, you can benefit from the outstanding upholstery skills of our expert team. We can help you turn a boat seating area that’s been worn down into a stunning refurbished seating area that looks brand-new. With our made to measure boat seating cushions cover service, you can choose from an extensive range of over 500 fabrics, and even have your covers made to any unique shape, by sending us a carefully drawn template we can copy.