How To Make A Unique Garden Seating Area

garden seating areas

Whatever the size of your outdoor space, from small courtyards to much bigger gardens, there are endless opportunities for making the garden seating areas of your outdoor area unique. Whether you prefer an open space, more secluded nooks or a variety of seating areas in your garden that serve different purposes, you can transform your garden to suit whatever outdoor seating ideas you may have.

Maybe you’ve had the same garden set up for a while, have never bothered to do much with it at all previously, or just want to give your current outdoor space a facelift, with a few tweaks and clever ideas you can completely change your garden seating areas and furniture into something that feels brand new.

Tips For Making A Garden Seating Area Unique

These tips and ideas cover larger scale changes that may require more effort and landscaping, to smaller simple suggestions that can still have a big overall effect. When it comes to remodelling your garden and your garden seating ideas, the key will be in doing what works for you, how you want to use your garden and the space you have for outdoor seating.

If you have kids you may wish to make sure there is still plenty of space for them to run around and play, but with somewhere you can easily supervise, or you could be the type to frequently entertain, in which case an outdoor dining area may be the biggest requirement for you.

Start by figuring out what your priorities are, so you can expand on your unique garden space from there. The main thing for any garden seating area is that it needs to be practical, comfortable and usable.

Make the Best Use of Garden Space

It can be really easy to go too big with any garden seating area, and then find it encroaches on your grass or open space areas. It’s important to make the best use of space that doesn’t compromise on comfort or practicality, but that saves on some areas where you can.

For example, create seating or dining tables that double up as storage for your cushions or decorations. That way you won’t need to use more space for extra storage boxes or need to bring cushions into the house. Low walls could be used as areas for sitting, as well as garden borders or flower beds.

Mix & Match with Colours and Textures

Soft furnishings such as seat cushions, decorative cushions, blankets and rugs can completely transform a garden seating area especially if they mix up different colours and textures. You can make a seating area look cosy, inviting and beautiful by carefully selecting your colour scheme and experimenting with variations that match the wider space.

Many choose to go very neutral with garden cushion covers, but there’s no reason not to go bolder and more detailed with colour schemes, patterns and alternating colours.

Add in Quirky Seating Areas

Although most garden furniture can be standard bench seating, sofa seating or chair seating, there’s no reason not to go custom with your garden designs, especially if you’re limited on space. For example you could use egg chairs, palette or crate seating or as mentioned before use low walls that could also be used as extra seating spaces. You could even add hanging chairs or a comfy corner sofa or whatever outdoor furniture ideas you like the look of!

These different features not only look different creating something eye-catching and unique, they also create a segregated outdoor seating area that can be multi functional. Garden seating areas aren’t just for sitting as a family or with friends, they could be used as an outdoor work space, or a sheltered reading corner to relax in.

Create Lounge Areas or Reading Nooks

Some of the most attractive garden seating areas are those that offer real comfort, such as loungers or raised reading nooks that can be made cosy and sheltered. These can often be hidden away in corners, and be decorated with lots of growing ivy and plants. You may choose to have a pergola overhead too. People are moving away from just having a traditional garden bench or coffee table in their garden patio space with modern ideas such as flexible seating with comfy cushions becoming more and more popular.

Add comfortable seating both as the base and with decorative cushions on the top and you’ll have a really unique space you want to return to again and again.

Introduce Decking Areas To Your Outdoor Space

By adding decking areas to certain areas of the garden you’ll identify clear seating areas in your garden, such as outside french doors, by a garden feature, or in front of other sheds or summer houses. In these areas you can put more traditional furniture that more reflects indoors, such as sofas and chairs facing each other, coffee tables and even fire pits.

These areas can also be home to dining furniture, even if it’s more relaxed for outdoor dining, and barbecues or fire pits.

Foam Cushions For Your Garden Seating Area

Foam is an ideal material for your garden seating areas, as it can be cut and made to your exact measurements even for custom made spaces, no matter how big or small. High quality foam gradients mean your garden seating area cushions will be incredibly durable, and therefore last so much longer. Even just replacing your foam cushion covers, or the foam inside means you can extend their lifespan without needing to fully replace the whole set in future.

Custom foam boxed cushions for your garden means your garden will look exactly how you want it to, and you won’t be confined to set measurements and sizes. It will cater for everything from your dining furniture, to sun loungers, pergola mattresses and more.

Custom Foam for Garden Seating with Foam Superstore

Foam Superstore offers a fully bespoke service for your garden boxed seat cushions, to help you update the look and feel of outdated furniture or to provide the finishing touches to your new space. Choose your required shape from some pre-made templates, or provide a custom template for specific measurements. We can create bespoke cushions for any shape of garden furniture with the choice of a custom cover and the option to add new premium foam filling.