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Please note there is a minimum order of £50 on all Flight Case foam inserts.
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Unsure of how to measure and choose your foam? We can do it all for you with our Sofa Cushion Collection Service


Get the perfect fit for your items with our Custom Foam Inserts. They offer unmatched protection for all your needs, from electronics to precious collectibles.

*Ordering is simple:*

*Step 1: Measure Your Case*
Note the width, length, and depth of your case’s interior. It’s all about getting that perfect fit for your foam insert.

*Step 2: Quick Quote*
Receive an immediate price for your custom insert. Our clear, upfront quotes mean no guesswork or surprises.

*Step 3: Design and Personalize*
Upload your design or a DXF file. Choose your foam color to match your style. If you’ve got a sketch, we’ll convert it into a precise DXF file for an extra charge.

Our custom inserts are not just protective; they’re crafted for convenience and style. Made for all types of cases and items, they ensure your valuables are snug and secure. Start today — protect your items with foam that fits just right.

This maintains the easy-to-understand language while including the additional step of selecting a foam color, which can be an important detail for customers wanting a customized look.


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