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The Product

Especially created for the upholstery trade. Upholstery adhesive produces a cob-web spray pattern which gives a low soak in on porous or absorbent surfaces as foam or fabric.

Its Applications

Formulated as a powerful, yet flexible bonding system perfect for soft or pliable materials such as foams, fabrics or felts and all other upholstery components, allowing them to be bonded to themselves, each other or to hard surfaces such as wood, chip-borad, MDF, glass, rigid plastics and most other substrates.

New Technology

Upholstery Adhesive is now twinned with our new Easi-Flo valve and Easi-Control acuator system, which gives greater fingertip control; for larger areas press actuator system full and move can away slightly. For narrower band widths or to apply less adhesive press the actuator more gently and move the can closer.

Directions For Use

Shake well, Ensure that the mating surfaces are clean, dry and free from any contaminations. Apply a thin, even a coat to both surfaces. Upholstery adhesive like all contact adhesives, is designed to stick to itself; wet adhesive will stick to a surface but will not bond two surfaces together properly. Allow for a  minute or so for the adhesive to tack-up, when there is no adhesive transference to the finger, bring both surfaces together starting with the centre and working out. After use, invert can and spray for a few seconds to clear any dry glue from the actuator.

CAUTION: Pressurised container. Protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperatures exceeding to 50 degrees. Do not pierce or burn.


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