A Beginner’s Guide to Foam Grades and Their Uses

With the wide range of foam products and suppliers out there, it might be tricky to choose the right foam type for your upholstery project, especially if you are not familiar with terms like foam grades and density.

To make it all easier, we’ve put together a brief guide to foam grades and their intended uses to help you pick the right foam for the job.

Premium Soft Grade 30 Foam 

The Grade 30 is a high-quality and very soft foam. Due to its softness, it’s not recommended for seating purposes, however, the Grade 30 is ideal to use for: 

  • back cushions  
  • soft mattress toppers 


 Medium Density Packaging Foam 

The Packaging Foam Sheet is a medium density dark grey foam. The Packaging Foam can be used for: 

  • packaging and protecting fragile items during transit 
  • crafting projects  
  • upholstery repairs  


Budget Grade 33 Foam 

The Budget Blue Grade 33 is a popular high-density versatile foam, regularly purchased by our clients. With its durability, the Grade 33 Foam is a popular choice for: 

  • caravan seating
  • dining pads
  • various craft projects. 


 Premium Blue Grade 39  

The Premium Blue Grade 39 is a high-density foam, perfectly suited for high-use items. Upholsters pick the Grade 39 is suitable for: 

  • sofa cushions 
  • boat seating 
  • caravans
  • campervan seating 
  • upholstery repairs  
  • craft projects. 


Premium Grey Grade 40  

The Premium Grey Grade 40 is a very luxurious high-density foam with a high resistance and a bounce-back touch. 
The Grade 40 is perfect for use in sofa seat replacements providing comfort and resistance. 

6lb Chip Grade Foam

The 6lb Reconstituted Chip Foam is a very firm grade, that offers enhanced durability. It’s a cost-effective and environmentally friendly foam solution. made of recycled foam chips. The 6lb Chip Grade is ideal for: 

  • hard-wearing commercial environments 
  • gym mats and church kneelers 
  • padding restaurant, bar and bus seating 

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